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About Us

Protecting Futures

We have years of insurance experience helping clients prepare for the unknown. 

We can shop several different insurance company's so you can get the right one for you...at the lowest rate available.

Relieving The Financial Burden

Death is going to happen to all of us.  We just don't know when.  Putting off getting coverage until we can afford it, only makes it more expensive and harder to get.  We find plans at the absolute lowest price and everything can be done in minutes.  No hassle.  No waiting for results.  Our plans NEVER go up in price, NEVER go down in coverage and can NEVER be cancelled by us due to a change in your age or your health.  

Building Relationships

We started back in early 2002 and built our success on helping each client one by one.  We pride ourselves on taking care of each individual as if they were our own family members.  That is why we have a high rate of referrals.  Referrals to us is the best form of a compliment.  What's more important?  If we can make you trust us and feel more than comfortable with us while you're alive, then you know we will do the same if not more for your loved ones, when you're gone.

Our Life Insurance Plans

How They Work

Permanent Whole Life Plan Benefits

Most plans are Permanent Whole Life Plans that are guaranteed for the rest of your life no matter how long you live.  

Your plan can NEVER be canceled due to a change in your age or your health.

Your enrollment premiums will NEVER go up or increase.

Your benefits will NEVER go down or decrease.

Your plan builds cash value over time.

There are NO MEDICAL EXAMS to get you qualified.  

Tax FREE benefits that pay to who ever YOU name as the beneficiary(s).

"I simply can't afford it...."

Are you one of the many folks that may be on a fixed income?  Maybe a limited fixed income?  We shop many of the top insurance carriers in the U.S. to find you the lowest enrollment plan possible.  Qualifying is quick and easy.  No hassle of an agent invading your home or waiting weeks to hear you don't qualify.  One of our state licensed Final Expense Advisors can pre-qualify you, explain your plan benefits and in some case's get you covered in a matter of minutes.  No pressure selling and no hassling.  Get your Welcome & Confirmation Packet in a matter of a few short days.  
Understand...when you're lying there in your final resting place while your loved ones are saying their good bye's...they will be saying one of two things.  EITHER...I wish they had OR I'm GLAD you DID.  Which one do YOU want them to say?

Final Expense Insurance Is the cheapest

As you see above, Final Expense Insurance is the least costly BUT is locked in for life.  Never worry about this burden ever again.  All our plans come with a RATE LOCK.

Are You On A Fixed Income?

99% of our clients are on limited fixed incomes.  Most also have or have had major health issues.  A lot of been turned down before by others.  None of these are issues with us.  We find low cost and affordable plans to fit just about anyones budget and health.  None of our licensed agents sell with high pressure tactics or attitudes.  It simply just isn't allowed.  You will be presented with multiple options where YOU can make the decision based on the clear and easy to understand information provided to you.


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